Brush Strokes of Brilliance : Mastering the Art Of Cabinet Painting

You’re not alone if you have ever thought to yourself, “Man these cabinets need a facelift!” You’re certainly not the only one. One Man and A Brush – Cabinet painting can give your house a mini-makeover for a fraction of the cost. A splash of color will transform your room from dull to fabulous.

Let’s first talk about preparation. Yes, this is boring but trust me it’s essential. You wouldn’t build a home on quicksand. Same deal here. You should also thoroughly clean the cabinets. Paint’s biggest enemy is grease and grime. Most often, a mixture of warm water with mild detergent will do the trick.

The next step is sanding. You can think of it like exfoliating your cabinets. It’s not necessary to roughen the surface to the point that the paint will stick better. Skip this step and you could have peeling paint in the future. No one wants peeling paint.

Primer will be your best friend on this adventure. Primer is like a magnet that helps paint adhere properly and last longer. Also, it can be used to cover up old stains or dark colours that you are trying to conceal.

Choose your paint! You can now let your personality truly shine. You can find something for everyone. You’ll avoid headaches if you use a high-quality, cabinet-specific paint.

Time to get down to business! Paint in thin layers using a roller or brush. Although thicker coats might seem to get the job finished faster, they will not dry evenly and may end up looking gloppy. It’s important to be patient and let each coat fully dry before adding a new one.

It’s a good idea to remove cabinet doors prior to painting. It’s easier to do and you can ensure every corner is covered.

You can use the time while waiting for your coat to dry. Take on another project, or simply relax and enjoy a cup coffee. You deserve it!

After everything is painted and dries to perfection, reattach the doors and admire your hard work! You have just given your bathroom or kitchen a new look, without breaking the bank.

Oh! Almost forgot–hardware! A new knob or handle can complete the transformation with a little extra flair. The same as putting on earrings when you get dressed. They just bring it all together.

Why limit yourself to cabinets when you can do so much more? Dressers or bookcases can benefit from a new coat of paint. You can go as far as you want!

Remember the time I decided that I would repaint Grandma’s old dressing table? The project that started out as an afternoon task turned into a whole weekend affair because I skipped steps (rookie error!). Hey, I’ve learned my lesson. Shortcuts aren’t always worth it.

You now have a guide that is simple and full of tricks to bring new life to those old cabinets.

Get ready to roll your sleeves up!